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Man Fire Food


Episode: Fireside Hangs - 03:00 18 November

Roger hangs out with chefs in Alexander City, Alabama, and Charleston, South Carolina, who are putting a whole new spin on rotisserie cooking in the great outdoors.

Episode: Florida Fixins - 03:30 18 November

Roger Mooking is in Florida, fanning the flames for something savoury and something sweet. He meets a young pitmaster in Crawfordville who uses a power tool and a farmer in Dade City preserving the tradition of making cane syrup.

Episode: Fiery Foods in Jamaica - 06:50 18 November

Roger's search for fire and food takes him to Jamaica where Roger makes a beeline for Scotchie's Too, a restaurant famous for cooking jerk over pits filled with coals.

About the show

Man Fire Food features the inventive ways people cook with fire.  From small campfires to creative custom-made grills and smokers, we visit home cooks, pit masters and chefs who are fascinated by fire and food.  The smoke signals take host Roger Mooking to Hawaii, wine country in Northern California, New England and the great American South to meet the passionate people who celebrate the building of and cooking over live fire.

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