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Tune in: Friday 9th May, 2014 at 09:45

In this brand new series, Andy Bates travels across America, visiting the USA's most vibrant food destinations. He explores the world of street food to find the stories behind the recipes.

Recipes from Andy Bates American Street Feasts

Gumbo pies 100 mins Difficult
Nong's Khao Man Gai 45 mins Easy
Honey and vanilla cheesecake 0 mins Easy
Blueberry bakewell with raspberry Chantilly 70 mins Easy
Cuban sandwich 720 mins Easy
Pork belly and Waldorf salad pretzel 270 mins Intermediate
Ludo's fried chicken 5 mins Difficult
Baked halibut 25 mins Intermediate
Key lime pie 25 mins Intermediate
Monkfish with chorizo Welsh rarebit 20 mins Easy

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About Andy Bates

Andy Bates
Andy utilises his background in French cookery to create new British fare at his London restaurant....Read More
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